Registration must be done before the course starts via the registration form for each course. Then you will receive an email confirming registration with payment details.

Maximum number of participants is 15 people so it pays to sign up as early as possible. If more than 15 people want to participate, they can be set up on a waiting list in case someone signs off.

Commencement of course requires a minimum of six participants. If the course must be canceled due to lack of participants in the course, the entire course fee will be refunded.

Cancellation and withdrawal

Cancellation of the course must be made via email before the course starts to regain the full course fee.

If anyone wishes to withdraw from a course after the course starts, it must be done within the first two weeks of the course. They will then be reimbursed 75% of the course fee. After the first two weeks will not be refunded any cancellations made.


Students are supposed to attend all the training days in the course they are signed. In the absence of more than two consecutive days of instruction, it becomes difficult to follow the course ahead and pupil regarded then as deregistered.

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