Our Norwegian language adventure started thanks to Yuko Ringdal.

The course was organized in the summer, in a very pleasant atmosphere. The teacher was extremely enthusiastic and dedicated. We not only learned the Norwegian grammar, but also were encouraged to speak Norwegian in class. We have to admit that this was difficult at the beginning. However, as the course progressed, it was easier and easier, with the teacher´s help, to relieve stress and overcome the language barrier.

After we met Yuko Ringdal as a teacher, we changed our attitude to learning Norwegian. The language is not as difficult to learn as we had thought. There is only one important thing: you need to find the right teacher, like we did.

Yuko Ringdal has transferred to us her own enthusiasm, and motivated us to learn Norwegian. This made us work systematically and hard. We fully admire Yuko´s calm and commitment in class.

We are very happy to be able to recommend Yuko Rindal to anyone who wants to study Norwegian in a relaxed atmosphere, and with a teacher who is a committed professional.

Katarzyna and Krzysztof Brenner

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Tatjana Bormane from Latvia🇱🇻

I completed the Norwegian A1-B course at Yuko. I really liked the learning process, everything was interesting, thoughtful, everything was explained. The teaching material was easy to perceive and also liked the fact that after each part the teaching materials were sent in a transparent and easy to understand way. Now just do not stop, repeat, learn and continue to the next level in August. I would definitely recommend these courses to others! Thank you, Yuko! And let summer adventures be rich! 🙂

Sincerely, Tatjana

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Beata Belli from Poland🇵🇱
Uczylam sie jezyka Norweskiego  wiosna 2018 i zamierzam uczyc sie dalej.
Prowadzaca  Yuko jest wspanialym nauczycielem kompetentnym,
sumiennym, cierpliwym, z poczuciem humoru
jestem zadowolona z kursu z Yuko poniewaz przebiega w przemilej
atmosferze,  motywuje do nauki, daje zaskakujace efekty w krotkim czasie.
polecam serdecznie wszystkim chcacym poznac jezyk norweski!
Mvh Beata Belli
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KumKum Karim from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

I am 75 years old. When I moved to Norway one year ago I decided to learn the language.

I am a member of B.I.C. (Bergen International Church) and there I heard about Nykrohnburg Skole. I started classes last August. I was somewhat anxious about starting Norwegian class at my age. But I met Yuko who welcomed us with a bright smile. Thanks to Yuko, my doubts disappeared. She made our classes so interesting that I didn’t miss class except for 1 day when I was sick.

Yuko encouraged us to always speak in Norsk. She is also a very good artist and would draw pictures to better describe things to us. I had no problems understanding her classes. Now I have even started to talk Norsk at home.

Yuko is an extraordinarily lively, patient and caring teacher. There is a need for teachers like Yuko and I would be happy to be her student again.

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Hetal and Abhishek from India 🇮🇳
Me and my husband Abhishek had a great problem in understanding and learning norwegian initially, But thanks to Yuko, who made it really easy and fun learn it.
She not only explains grammer in easy way but also give some good, easy and sometimes really funny examples to understand it properly and make it stress free learning.
We enjoyed learning under her guidence and also learned to converse in norsk.
We wish She have norwegian course for higher level also. So that, we can register and study under Yuko’s teaching.
We wish her good luck with her new batch of participants and hope to have course for higher level norsk learning.
Tusen takk Yuko.
Hetal and Abhishek
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