About the teacher

Portrate500x391Yuko Ringdal was born and raised in Japan, and is a graduate scholar from University of Bergen. She has a master’s degree from the University of Oslo, specializes in human rights issues within Japanese schools. Moreover, she has taken part in Teacher Training Education at the Bergen University College where she has studied Norwegian linguistics and education.

She has much experience as a teacher of Japanese language and culture at various  institutions. Through her work as a teacher, she is used to guiding people from different backgrounds and in coordinating the work of groups. Since autumn 2016 she has been teaching Norwegian at Løvstakken Volunteer Centre (Løvstakken Frivilligsentral). She has also been a teacher of Norwegian at Salem Local Community Centre in Bergen.  In her work she has attracted much positive feedback from her students.

After she moved to Norway in 1994, she has worked as a mother tongue teacher in Japanese at Norwegian schools. For several years, she has been working as a volunteer at various multicultural environments in Bergen. Here, she has mentored people from different minority backgrounds as well as publishing articles on themes associated with immigration.

Yuko Ringdal has been a Norwegian citizen since 2008 and is fluent in Norwegian and English as well as in her mother tongue of Japanese.

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2 thoughts on “About the teacher

  1. Hei, jeg er i Bergen for den første måneden, og jeg vil gjerne se deg med kjæresten min på norsk språkkurs. Vi er begge nybegynnere, vi vet heller ikke mye engelsk. Vi kommer fra Tsjekkia. Takk på forhånd og med vennlig hilsen Jaroslav Kotouš


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